Drozdik Orshi

2001. Knoll Galéria, Budapest

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The installation called "Objects" consists both a photo series and the objects themselves. The "Objects", decorative porcelain figurines taken from its everyday context , are "ready mades". The found "Objects" photographed carrying the original meaning, the stylistic and atmospheric elements of the figurines grows with new layers of meanings. The simplified title gives several parallel alternatives for the viewer. Inspite of this, the peculiar atmosphere of the porcelain figurines, becomes the crucial principle under the layers of the aesthetic and the conceptual. The exhibited work uses one of the characteristic technique of postmodernism: appropriating, which also can be a reference to a definite style. In the installation, the philistine sentimentality and grace which characterized the XIX century's Biedermeier style, transforms into a new form. The figurines in its original context delights by pretentious effects lost its inherent kitschy nature, but the grace is left: to keep looking at the objects is a pleasure. The over repeated genre of the porcelain figurines allows to render the private into the public realm, it recalls a personal experience. The other basic feature of the "original contexts" is its effects on our emotions: the figurines are referring to the personal realm., and they have they own history. In the work of "Objects" this history is not the history of the single objets but a personal history. It is a symbolic reference to the autobiographical voice comes from gazing and photographing the porcelain figurines.